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Products: Insulated Doors

Novotech can install Isolcell insulted doors for Controlled Atmosphere storage rooms, and for a range of other applications.

Some key features of these insulated doors are:

  • Robust door-post with flush threshold in thick    isophthalic resin
  • Door-panel insulated with injected polyurethane
  • Supporting frame in stainless steel
  • Covered with galvanized plastic-covered sheet
  • Gas-tight sealing with neoprene rubber gaskets
  • Electro-statically galvanised steel running wheels    with on ball-bearings
  • Eccentric action locking system for gas-tightness
  • Prepared for automation, and opening to left or right
  • Option for windows designed for taking samples,  opened from outside, double glazed "thermopan"    panes

To find out more about Isolcell insulated doors, visit the Isolcell website.

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