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Products: Industrial Refrigeration

Combining Controlled Atmosphere systems with cooling technology is an excellent option for a range of applications, especially when dealing with produce.

This option has a range of potential advantages, including:

  • Preserving organoleptical qualities of produce
  • Reducing losses due to pathogens
  • Reducing appearance of chilling injuries and scald

Isolcell can supply technologies which allow plants to integrate Controlled Atmosphere and cooling systems. The Isolcell system can achieve lower Delta T air-to-refrigerant compared to the traditional direct expansion system. As such, higher relative humidity can be maintained.

The cooling system can also be combined with ISOSOFT software to monitor all parameters in real time and control all equipment in the system. ISOSOFT can also log machine operating times and measurements, and can be adapted to allow for remote monitoring of whole plants.

Find out more about Isolcell cooling systems here.

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