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Products: Analyzers

There are a variety of analyzer products available from Isolcell.

ELECTRONIC ANALYZER OXYCARB 6 is the gold standard in portable gas analyzers. This product offers high accuracy, long-term stability, temperature compensated measurements, intuitive graphic interface, real-time graphs, and digital control of the analysis pump. Find out more here.

CARBOCHECK is a portable CO2 analyzer. It sports the latest-generation infrared sensor, and is temperature compensated with very low energy consumption. Find out more here.

OXYGUARD is a long-life galvanic cell oxygen analyzer. It is designed with storage room security in mind. Find out more here.

MULTIGUARD is a system for oxygen and pressure control. It includes a oxygen analysis instrument equipped with chemical cell. MULTIGUARD was developed as a safety and control system on the chemical analyzer. Find out more here.

The PD CONTROLLER is an electronic pressure controller. It features extreme precision and two alarm activation systems. Find out more here.

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