About Us

Novotech Industries are the premier providers of on-site nitrogen generation solutions, controlled atmosphere systems, and industrial refrigeration to a wide variety of Australian industries and businesses.

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Novotech services businesses all around Australia, offering versatility and professionalism in all undertakings. Our services include everything from one-on-one consultations to large-scale planning and integration of complex systems. Novotech works closely with businesses to design and optimize custom solutions, providing both expertise and innovation.

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We are also the number one supplier of Isolcell Italia technologies in Australia, offering quality machinery for any gas generation or controlled atmosphere requirement. With 50 years of experience, Isolcell provide a wide range of technologies to industries around the world. Their products, ranging from gas generators to fully integrated controlled atmosphere systems, are considered the gold standard in the field. Isolcell Italia supports Novotech in creating a culture of excellence for gas generation and controlled atmosphere requirements.

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